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Ningaloo Station WA

DQB Campsite WA

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do you have 2nd hand models available for sale?
  2. Do you have any travelling tips to share?
  3. Interesting Links
  1. Do you have 2nd hand models available for sale?
  2. Please check out our 2nd hand tab to find any pre loved Camperbacks that may be on offer for sale. Check it out, as these don't last long!

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  3. Do you have any travelling tips to share?
    1. To reduce unnecessary weight and ensure best use of available space always check to see if most items have 2 uses, this goes for clothing as well as tools, cooking and eating utensils.
      Some handy tool items - Set of Allen keys, 18 inch/450mm Shifter, multi purpose tool, Duct tape, small Stanley type knife, pliers, wire for twisting with pliers for emergencies, Set of Kingchrome ratchet ring and open end spanners, Phillips head and blade screwdrivers as required.
      Versatile items for meal preparation particularly dried and packeted varieties like, Rice, Cous cous, dehydrated peas, corn etc and packets of soups for adding to other foodstuffs for added flavour. When fresh salad vegies are limited utilise small pasta packets for salads after refrigerating. Cabbage and Carrots are handy vegies which can be cooked or made into coleslaw with mayonnaise and whatever else you have available. Sweet Potatoes, potatoes and pumpkin keep well in cupboard if uncut. Eggs can be left in cupboard if used regularly, but long term storage should be in fridge to avoid loss. Have also found cardboard egg containers better than plastic storage.
      Store clothes according to climate eg hot, cold and intermediate, then review again and reduce the number. Ensure that all items are easy care (light to wash and quick to dry ). We have found denim and heavy cotton very serviceable for colder climates as it will endure more hard wearing without washing too often - rugged look, after all we are campers!
    2. Wash out underwear daily in shower - to avoid large build up of washing. This can be applied to shirts and shorts in hot climates.
      The small circular plastic portable lines ($2 shop or similar) are invaluable to hang in car whilst travelling (for above items) and reduces the number of pegs required when a large wash is done in a park as it can be utilised for underwear and small items.
      We carry a nappy pail and Napisan (or similar prewash soak) to wash extra items whilst travelling, as the car provides the agitation and they only require rinsing on arrival.
    3. Always utilise available water resources and cooking facilities wherever camping, thereby saving your own onboard water/gas for those times when nil available.
    4. Always carry:
      • Eucalyptus Oil - great for removing any grease or stubborn stains
      • TiTree Oil is great for stopping itches after bites. We also find RID is better than other antibitey stuff, which should always be at the ready in our great Australian bush.
      • Carry a pack of baby wipes, either in the car or the Campberback, as they are extremely handy when water is scarce and quite adequate to clean hands.
    5. Small camping towels are very quick to dry and take up less space than normal towels - and easy to wash.

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  4. Interesting Links
    The independent non profit Australian CamperTrailers Group provides a place for members to chat which is free of commercial advertising, pressures or promotion of any kind.
    A most informative website with great photos too!
    This is the largest motorhoming (RV) Club in Australia offering many benefits, including specially-tailored insurance, a free monthly colour magazine, social events throughout Australia, a Solos network for Members travelling alone, two National Rallies per year. Members are young and old, families and singles, millionaires and pensioners, workers and retired people. There are full-timers, part-timers and wannabes.
    Along with all the great travel information, one of the greatest benefits is the low cost insurance policies for members!
    The Bush Telegraph is a HF radio network for 4WD enthusiasts. It provides radio and communications services not available elsewhere for the pleasure and benefit of travellers in remote areas of Australia.
    Manufacturers and suppliers of quality off road accessories - a proud Australian company.
    Call Don Watts, at Camper Trailer Finance, on Mob: 0411648018 or Ph: 0756314776, he has been a finance broker for over 12 years so knows what it is all about.
    We are not just campers - we love good food too and thoroughly recommend you try this saltbush lamb.
    The property is owned by a customer and it has been in their family for around a hundred years. The present day business embraces biological farming techniques, large Old Man Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia) plantations, native pastures, pasture cropping methods, and a vision for the future that has so far seen many thousands of local native trees planted on the property.
    Tim is a real professional and offers friendly personal service - we recommend him.

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