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Setting up your P190 Camperback

Setting up the C190 Camperback on ANY flat tray ute - not just a Landrover!

The unit is neat and compact and easy to set up

The unique kitchen slide which houses the fridge, stove, sink and pressurised water can be used en-route to your destination without opening the unit, providing quick and easy access to stove and pantry items for a quick road side stop.
The great advantage of our Camperback is that you can use the kitchen outside to cook but if the weather is unpleasant or there are too many insects around you can slide it out inside the unit for a comfortable meal.

Canopy over the kitchen area with two side walls offers great protection. Other options available.

It takes approximately 3 minutes to flip it open, the hard floor/roof is assisted by twin strut and a coil spring on each side, allowing easy one person operation and set-up.

Do you want to see more? Check out this longer DVD as it shows ALL the functions the 'C190' has to offer as standard, including a segment showing how simple it is to remove it from the vehicle, as well as the optional extras available.

The unit can be removed and supported by 4 sturdy jacks that simply slot into the locating points from the tray mounts for extended stays, to allow use of the vehicle.

How versatile - you can fit this on to an existing trailer or we can organize an appropriate 6' x 4' trailer to suit! You can then have the best of both worlds and even fit it on to a tray or trailer depending on your need.