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P210 Compact Camperback - they go anywhere

About Utility Campers

Utility Campers advise that there manufacturing has ceased due to economic pressures.
Camperbacks that come up for sale will be advertised on this site, so our presence will remain.

Any existing customers requiring assistance, contact either Leigh or Stewart and we will endeavor to sort out any issues. Probably email to would be the best address.


  • Utility Campers strive for excellence in manufacture and provide friendly professional service.
  • Leaders in the camper construction industry
    After 5 years of research and development to perfect our use of composite materials developed in Queensland. The panels are cored with rigid end-grain balsa or structural foam cores*, and laminated with a high performance epoxy resin reinforced with multiaxial E-fibreglass or carbon fibre skins. Fibre orientation and ply schedules are based on design or engineering specifications to best meet weight targets, stress and impact loads, and other design parameters. The glues and bonding angles used in fabrication ensure the utmost strength to endure the rugged conditions of the Australian outback.
  • Utility Campers use Australian products wherever possible and endeavour to keep profits in Australia, not just for us but for our sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • Hand fabricated in our own factory premises in Victoria - come and see us and check out the workmanship and enjoy our hospitality.
  • Don't skimp on quality - remember you get what you pay for!
  • Compare the facts here and on our product page.
  • Check out the DVD under the "Set Up" Tab, 2 versions a quick one to show how easy it is to open and the second one is a detailed step by step of the operation and fit out.
  • Recent comment from a customer - "We really enjoyed the ease of set up and pack up. It really is an easy camper to live with. Also the light weight and lower centre of gravity makes a big difference to how the Ute sits on the road. It feels like a normal 4WD again."


Brolga landing

The Brolga has landed!

Check out the new Brolga 'Camperback' another traytop option which has been designed for a twin cab or dual cab ute - this versatile camper is now available to extend the functionality of your ute for the family as well as work. Weighing only 85kgs bare weight it will not exceed your vehicle payload and not hinder your ability to carry all the necessary requirements for quality camping experiences.
Contact us for our SPECIAL introductory price - which is for a limited time only - don't miss out. You could not build it yourself for this price!
Brolga landing

This first delivery was fitted to a Toyota Hilux SR5, but the internal pod is adaptable to fit any tub size - we do need accurate measurements and photos to ensure that the mounting system is adapted correctly. The Hilux liner arrived with unexpected contours internally which necessitated the modification of the mounting system, hence it is sitting a little higher than normal above the top of the tub.
We display it on a trailer to allow us to travel with the C190 'Camperback' Slipon as well as the Brolga Camperback.

Brolga on a forklift VW Amarok Brolga tent erected from side rear door open
VW Amarok Brolga rear side VW Amarok Brolga tent erected from front side part vehicle

This shows the versatility of the unit also - some people have indicated interest to mount it in to a tub / well-back and make a trailer version, as we have.
Check out our "Product" page for further detail of this exciting innovation for a trayback or slide-in camper option.



The C190 'Camperback' is designed to meet the needs of the intrepid adventurer seeking a quality tray-back to pair with most utility vehicles or to mount on an existing trailer - or use both ways depending on the occasion!
Do you have one of these utes?

  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • Ford Courier
  • Ford Falcon
  • Ford F250
  • Ford Ranger
  • Holden Colorado
  • Holden Rodeo
  • Isuzu DMax
  • Landrover Defender
  • Mazda BT-50
  • Mitsubishi Triton
  • Nissan Navara
  • Nissan Patrol
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Landcruiser
Brolga landing

If so - what do you need to best suit these types of vehicles and provide you with a luxury camping unit that suits the outback as well as your favourite caravan park?

A C190 'Camperback' provides the benefits you require, whether you are a seasoned camper or new to the game these are the key to a successful trip.

  • Lightweight - weighs around 300kgs - this is with all fittings included (except fridge and battery)
  • Lower axle weights offering greater safety and economy
  • Strong - to endure rugged Australian outback
  • Hard floor - minimum fuss
  • Easy opening and closing - springs and gas strut assisted
  • Quality build and components - attention to detail
  • Composite balsa core sandwich construction - state of the art materials
  • Outcome of over 7 years research & development
  • Functionally superior - kitchen can be used inside or outside
  • Sleep in the C190 whilst sitting on its 4 sturdy jacks - to free your vehicle for touring
  • Camper trailer option offers even more versatility
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple to store
  • Five (5) year warranty
  • Personal friendly service

Our five year warranty on our manufacture is evidence that we have the utmost faith in our product and will ensure your Camperback performs to expectations. Our personal service is also our guarantee.

The outcome of over 7 years research and development, we believe we have produced the answer for "Adventurers". An ultra light, functionally superior, quick and simple to open, hard floor camping system that will survive the rugged conditions of the Australian outback, but still suitable for use in any caravan park facility.

We believe our combination of a female influencing the practicality of the design and layout and the male in control of the engineering excellence makes for a perfect combination!

Our innovative C190 Camperback is the perfect partner for your flat tray ute or trailer. It allows the bold to go to places that others wouldn't dream of.

The C190 weighs around 300kgs, this includes the full canvas tent, and standard fittings. Once you pack all the necessary water, food, fridge, clothing, tools, recovery gear and ancillary camping requisites, it still weighs in at well below 700kgs - even with 100 litres of water on board. Compare the facts with other competitive units and you will see that our products are the lightest but strongest on the market! No need to alter your chassis length or increase springs.

This is much kinder to our sensitive environment which needs to be protected from unnecessary damage due to vehicle use, particularly after rain. Most of our competitors with comparable units weigh around 6 to 700 kg or more before putting anything in them!

More people are recognising the benefits of lower axle weights achievable with our new C190 , indeed some people are realising they are presently overloaded with their existing camper configuration, and have changed to a C190 ! Overloading your vehicle is of concern, as it could put your personal safety at risk and possibly jeopardise your insurance coverage.

We are constantly reminded of people's desire to prepare for their forthcoming retirement. Using a ute for one of their primary vehicles, if not the only one, can reduce registration, insurance and maintenance costs, which is most attractive. Being able to simply convert your ute into an off-road leisure vehicle with all conveniences is very smart! Then simply revert back to your every day workhorse - what better?

Similarly, this can convert your everyday 6' x 4' trailer into a multi-purpose unit in the same way. Allowing you to use the trailer for general home/farm duties and just convert it to a camper trailer for recreational purposes.

Storage of our Camperback is simple and takes up little space, either whilst travelling or for long term breaks at home.

Our continuous improvement program has produced a traytop camper that is second to none. We have listened to the comments of our clients and have incorporated many of their ideas to enhance unit functionality. We believe we have achieved the definitive outcome and our C190 is the proof. However, we will not stop there! We will always be looking for ways to ensure that we are kept in the forefront of design and construction methods to meet the needs of our discerning buyers.

The advanced attributes of composite sandwich panels give the new C190 Camperback the edge! See our "Products" tab for more detailed information.

kitchen cupboards and slide C190 drivers side cupboards open bed inside

Each page of this web site has a collection of Camperback and landscape images on the right hand side. Once clicked they enlarge, this will give you an idea of what the Camperback can bring to you!

Our Gallery tab is an exhibition displaying even more of the scenery and Camperback situations that we, or our customers, have been privileged to enjoy.

See our 2nd hand tab for superseded or pre loved models that may be available for sale.

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